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About Gloria Kifayeh

Gloria Kifayeh, renowned American photographer, is a distinguished member of the artistic fraternity of Dubai and has been working and living in the United Arab Emirates since 1985. Kifayeh’s works have been commissioned by government officials throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Gloria’s aim is to continue to deliver a high standard of photography to all of her clients, while staying tuned in to developments in her profession and changing with them.

Through her photography Gloria Kifayeh combines her understanding of architecture and love of travel with an artistic sensitivity to light, form and composition to create imagery which both informs and delights. She is as comfortable in the desert as she is in the alleyways of Marrakesh. Her images of Morocco are haunting, her desert scenes are almost meditative and the horses are all about grace and beauty.

Her deep sensitivity for, and understanding of, the heritage of Arabs and the Middle East and North Africa combine with her ability to capture specific moments of beauty with her inspired photography.

Apart from being a professional photographer, Gloria has also gained achievement in the field of literature as well. Her award collection include

  • Pure Air and Fire – A Tribute to the Spirit and Beauty of the Arabian Horse
  • Lyrics of the Sands
  • Wonders of Musandam
  • Soul of Sea
  • Soul of Sand
  • Traditional Arabic Cooking